Themed Trivia Sunday (Harry Potter)

4:30 pm doors, 5:00 pm start | Teams (up to 6 ppl) $20, individual entry $5

Harry Potter

What Quidditch position does Harry play? Who impersonated Mad-Eye Moody for a year? If you’re clever like a Ravenclaw and brave like a Gryffindor, grab your broom and fly out to Harry Potter-themed, family-friendly trivia night at the Center, brought to you by Quiz Quiz Bang Bang. Costumes Encouraged. Prizes and bragging rights abound. Bar available, bring snacks! Accio Trivia!

Quiz Quiz Bang Bang is the pub quiz practice show that hits you POW right in the quizzer!

QQBB is a weekly trivia podcast show that has been rated one of the top trivia podcasts.

Annie and David host games along with group episodes and expert episodes. Guests that have been on the show include Frank Villalla (Archivist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Tim Faith (Technical Brewing Manager of Goose Island) and Colt Cabana (Professional Wrestler) along with many professional improvisers, actors, and writers. Quiz Quiz Bang Bang can be found on all major podcasting platforms.


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