House of Dragons Viewing Party

Oct 9, 2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Yup, we got sucked back into the Game of Thrones world too! And it felt unfair for only our staff to enjoy CGI dragons on the big screen, so we are inviting everyone out the next three Sundays to catch the latest episode of House of the Dragon.

Sundays. 7:30 pm. Dragons. Free. 18+ (obviously). Don’t sneak in concessions – just do us a solid and buy a bag of popcorn to support your local, nonprofit movie theater. If we catch you with outside concessions, we are going to watch back old GOT episodes to figure out how Daenerys Targaryen would punish you.


The Majestic Theatre - Crested Butte, shows Hollywood blockbuster movies with organic snacks, a full bar and the occasional cult classic.