History & Headshots

History & Headshots: Explore Art & History with the Trailhead and the Crested Butte Museum

The Crested Butte Museum and the Trailhead Children’s Museum present together a two day workshop that will dive into the history of Crested Butte through the a unique lens – literally!

Students will learn about oral histories, and the fascinating voices and stories that have shaped Crested Butte. Then, we will practice our own interviewing skills, and collect more oral histories from classmates and neighbors, all while learning photography skills to create unique portraits of our subjects.

This is a unique experience to gain hands-on camera and photography skills, and learn more about the community that we live in!

Dates: October 10 & 11, 2022
Time: 9am-4pm
Ages K-5th grade
$130 for Trailhead Annual Members
$150 for non-members


Located in historic downtown Crested Butte on 4th and Elk. Offering exhibits, walking tours, a gift shop and more.