Crested Butte Film Fest – Sam Now

What happens when a boy and his brother go on a road trip in search of their missing mom?

“There are very few projects as impactful as Sam Now. Balancing a dynamic energy with haunting emotions, the film is a focused slice of real life that captures a truth so powerful and complex that it simply can’t be fully understood in the realm of fiction. The feature is touching in all the right ways and stands tall as one of the best films of the year.”
– Carson Timar, Clapper

“Reed Harkness has made a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime film. Filled with intimate family footage, Sam Now feels like a novel or a well-crafted drama, but it’s all too true.”
– Marc Glassman, POV Magazine

“A meticulous excavation of a family that’s riveting from the jump, delivering the full spectrum of emotions in a fantastically artistic, honest and satisfying package.”
– Movie Pie

“The film that changed my life… I hate to sound dramatic but my viewing of Sam Now felt almost supernatural. I had read about how sometimes great art can make you feel that way, how it can totally gut you, transform you, chew you up and spit you out in the best of all ways, but I had never experienced that phenomenon myself, not until that moment.”
– Jennifer Julia, Telluride Daily Planet


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