Camp 4 Coffee Cart to Cart Trail Run

10 or 19 mile Trail Run.

If you are looking for a low key fun trail run in a beautiful setting at the height of the fall colors then this is the run for you.

Food & Refreshments provided by Camp 4 Coffee, Eddyline Brewery & Tailwind Nutrition.

Sweet CB Mountain Runners Cart to Cart Long-Sleeve T-shirt & Socks for all participants!

Fun prizes for top finishers and random participants!

10 mile Map & Info
19 mile Map & Info
Both courses start and finish at Camp 4 Coffee in Crested Butte South.

Runners proceed out Cement Creek Road, along the lower Cement Creek Trail, climb the new Middle Cement Creek & 406 Warm Springs Trails, descend the Walrod Gulch Road and climb the 418 Walrod Gulch Cutoff Trail to the 409 Caves Trail Intersection.

The 10 mile course turns down the 409 Caves Trail and returns to Camp 4 Coffee along the Cement Creek Road.

The 19 mile course continues climbing up the 409 and Point Look Out Trails to the 405 Double Top Trail, traverses across 405.2A, descends the 412 Walrod Gulch Trail and then returns to Camp 4 Coffee via the 406 Warm Springs, Middle Cement & Lower Cement Creek Trails and Cement Creek Road.

This run is predominantly on single track trail with some dirt road and a small length of paved road. The trails range from smooth dirt to rocky. The courses will be marked with directional arrows and ribbon.

This run is fully self-supported. No on-course water or food will be provided.


Crested Butte Mountain Runners organize a series of trail runs starting in mid May and ending in early October.